Kanye West Finds Solution to Tricky Tour Insurance Coverage Issues for His Popular Sunday Service

Rapper, Kanye West Finalizes Plans For Popular Sunday Service Tour

Kanye West has been planning to take his Sunday service to fan in a concert tour. He had issues with getting insurance cover for his tour in the event of a disaster. Fortunately for the rapper, he has found a way out of the tricky situation.

This tour can be insured, but there’s a catch. The insurance company will cover everything except a cancellation due to mental health issues. In November 2016, West canceled his Saint Pablo tour just a few hours before he was meant to take the stage. News later broke that the singer was hospitalized for nine days at UCLA. West has been open about his mental health issues. He announced that he is bipolar, but also stated that he has not been taking his medications as they make him feel unhappy.

This move prompted major insurance companies to refuse to cover concert tours cancellation due to mental health issues. Even if the rapper was taking his meds regularly, the tour would not be covered by the insurance companies. However, the insurance companies are still going to underwrite a policy for Kanye’s tour and add the exclusion.

The rapper has also said that the tour is already set to hit the road. The fans at The Forum were the first to get a taste of what the tour will bring. This means that the West has to pick an insurer very to ensure that all the plans follow as decided.

Sadly, the musician may have to spend more money to get a policy that is tailored to his situation at the moment. He has not suffered a public episode in recent times and this is commendable. His Sunday service has been attended by several stars and is gaining more popularity by the day.

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