Apple’s Mac Pro Shows Up in FCC Filings, Suggesting Imminent Launch

Apple’s Mac Pro has gotten FCC approval, indicating that it will soon be unveiled.

Four months ago, tech giant Apple announced its redesigned Mac Pro but did not mention the date that the new desktop will be released. The company only said that it will be launched this fall. The Mac Pro, however, has just been listed in FCC filings and many are speculating that it will be launched soon.

While it is true that appearing in FCC filings does not guarantee that a product will be launched immediately after, records have shown that Apple devices are often listed in filings right around the time it is scheduled to be unveiled. What happened with the new Airpods Pro produced by Apple shows that the company does not delay in announcing its product after it gets FCC approval. In the case of the Airpods Pro, the device was launched the same day that it appeared in filings.

In the FCC filings, it was revealed that the assembling of some Mac Pros may take place in China. This comes as a surprise to many considering that Apple said in September that the computer would be produced in Austin Texas. It’s possible, however, that the tech company may be manufacturing some parts of the Mac Pro in China and shipping it to Austin. It could also be that Apple decided to share the work of manufacturing and assembling between Texas and China after considering the demand and availability of parts.

Back in July, the company had requested that Trump’s administration exempts them from the tariffs imposed on goods from China as a result of the ongoing trade dispute. But the request was turned down. The new Mac Pro has been described as a supercar. It comes with an impressive 28-core Intel Xeon processor and boasts of up to 1.5TB of RAM. The desktop which is produced with a stainless steel frame is designed for professionals. The computer has eight inbuilt PCI expansion slots, two USB and a pair of Thunderbolt 3 ports. It will sell for $5999.

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