Broncos Quarterback Joe Flacco Goes on Injury Reserve After Neck Injury

Joe Flacco has ended the first season with the team after he was placed on Injury reserve with a herniated disk in his neck.

Vic Fangio, Broncos coach said on Friday that Flacco will miss at least six weeks with a neck injury. The decision to place the player on IR was made after he had been examined by Broncos’ medical personnel and other physicians.

Fangio said that it became an easy decision to place Flacco on IR when medical professionals said that he would need at least six weeks to recover. According to the coach, Flacco will not be able to do anything during that time and after that, he would need an additional two weeks to get back and maybe another two to get ready. “You guys can do the math,” he said. The team still has eight games left for the season and are sitting at 2-6.

Fangio said that the 34-year-old will not be needing surgery. With Flacco going on IR, the quarterback position for the Broncos will need to be filled with an equally competent player who is sure to deliver. Brandon Allen will be starting Sunday’s game against the Cleveland Browns. Rookie Brett Rypien will back up Allen in the game. Brandon Allen is Broncos sixth starting QB since 2017. Joe Flacco has been Broncos starting quarterback in the last eight games that the team has played. He had thrown for 1,822 yards, with six touchdowns and five interceptions. In those eight games, however, he had taken 26 sacks.

Coach Fangio said that Flacco has been meeting with the quarterbacks and is helping to prepare Allen for their upcoming game. According to him, Flacco is not happy that he won’t be playing in the game. He is surprised that the doctors are saying he is unfit to play considering that he is not feeling that bad. This is the second time that the player will finish a season on injured reserve.

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