Iowa Based Man Describes Horrific Moments When His Fitbit Exploded on His Arm

Ethan Landers says his watch began to burn and smoke in the middle of the night

After the accident, Ethan Landers took to Facebook to share pictures of his arm. The ordeal left the man with 3rd-degree burns and a numb wrist. He also said that he woke up in a panic to see his wrist burning. When he realized that his Fitbit was burning, he tried to get it off. After a few failed attempts, Landers jumped out of his bed to turn on the light so his wife could unlatch the Fitbit band.

Landers says he felt like it melted through his arm

He described the feeling as intense when the wound started to blister. He saw smoke coming out of the device and the bedroom was covered in electrical-smelling smoke. Landers said he called a nurse but was told that he had to visit the ER since the wound was blistering. When he got to the hospital. The doctors cleaned the wound, took x-rays and examined him to ensure that there was no debris in the arm.

Landers was sent to the wound clinic where he was informed that the explosion caused a third-degree burn. He may also need a skin graft. Fitbit released a statement confirming that it is investigating Ethan’s claims. A spokesperson of the company said the safety and health of users is the top priority and they take the report seriously. He also said that they have spoken with Landers and are investigating the explosion. The spokesperson went on to say that the products are built following the strictest standards and are also made to undergo external and internal testing. All these ensure the safety of the users.

There have been several tech explosions in recent times. A while ago, a girl was killed as she slept when her phone exploded. Samsung phones also had issues with exploding.

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