Marcus Rashford, Manu’s Striker, Says the Team Can Still Make Top 4

Top striker for Manchester United, Marcus Rashford says the team still has a chance of making the top four as the premier league comes to an end.

Manu has had a roller coaster ride throughout the season. However, one of the club’s strikers, Marcus Rashford, is convinced that there is still hope for the team to finish the Premier League among the top 4. The striker also talked about the key roles Anthony Martial and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer play in the game. The striker’s optimism is encouraging when you consider the fact that Manchester United is currently occupying the 10th position on the list.

Can Manchester United Reach Top 4?

At the time of writing, Manchester United was 10 points behind Chelsea and Leicester. Chelsea is currently in fourth place while Leicester is in third place. Rashford said that Manu can do more than the Premier League and the team will be unstoppable when they are full flown in a game.

During an interview with Soccer Saturday, Rashford said; “It’s not going to be easy to get to the top four but it’s not at all impossible. We do not need to focus on what other teams are doing. When we focus on ourselves during a game, we are at our best. This is the only way for Manchester United to play great football. We need to start doing that again. Right now, the focus is bouncing back. I believe we will be victorious in home games if we are energetic on the field.”

While Rashford has confidence in his team, he also acknowledged that more work has to be done if they are to improve. He talked about the games Manu played well and the games that didn’t play well. In his opinion, the team needs to work on consistency.

Will Manu make the top four? Being 10 points away from the fourth position makes the chances look slim but it’s not impossible.

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