Adobe Reveals AI Engine Powered Experimental Tools to Ease Editing

Photographers can now join the picture with these tools

In the MAX conference of 2019, Adobe revealed several experimental tools, also call ‘sneaks’ by the company. The Project Awesome Audio and Project All In have some notable features that could fix many problems for photoshoots taken without a tripod or a camera with a timer. This tool is powered by the Adobe Sensei AI engine and is capable of scanning two photos, identifying the missing person and adding a cutout of the person to the main photo.

All In will ease the editing process

Most of these features are available in Photoshop, the Lasso tool. However, this one stands out because it eases the entire process. It also makes awkward posing bearable so it can be cut and pasted somewhere else.  One interesting sneak which was revealed is Project Sound Seek, powered by Adobe Sensei. It gives users an easy and quick way to find some sound in a sea of audio recordings. For instance, when the flow of your work is disrupted by “ahs” and “ohs” you may just want to edit it out for a smoother recording.

The Project image Tango has features that allow it to blend textures and shapes. If you want to see the three-dimensional version of a bird that you sketched, it can allow you to blend the outline/sketch with texture from other images like a photo of a live bird. The remaining sneaks that Adobe revealed on stage during the conference include Project Sweet Talk. This tool can create animated videos from static drawings. The Project About Face tool is a lot different. It can serve as a selfie tool for social media users. For now, it isn’t clear which tools will make it to the apps, but it gives users an idea about what the company is bringing in the future.

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