Warriors to Play Steph Curry as Soon as He’s Certified Fit – Steve Kerr

Curry would not be out all season says, Kerr

On Friday, there was a lot of confusion about the health status of Stephen Curry. A report from an anonymous source stated that the player was unlikely to return to play this season. The reason cited was that his broken arm was more severe than diagnosed and he may be unable to play until it is completely healed. The Warriors quickly refuted this claim. Fans still wonder what would happen if Curry is healthy enough to play in the final month. Would the team sit him out to get favorable draft positions?

“Curry is dying to play”

Steve Kerr, Warriors coach commented before the Friday game against the Timberwolves of Minnesota. He said that Curry is to return to the court immediately he is declared fit by the medical staff. Kerr was confused by the initial report and also discussed with Bob Myers, the president of basketball operations as well as Rick Celebrini, the director of sports medicine to be sure of the situation.

After meeting both officials, he reported that nothing has changed and that the star will be evaluated again in three months. Only then will the team have an update. Kerr said they expect Curry to be back to court playing when the training staff deems him fit. “Steph wants to play and the team wants the best product for the fans”, he said. “Lots of people come from different parts of the country to watch Curry play”, he continued.

The Warriors have not been the best defensive team all season while giving rookies like Ky Bowman, Eric Paschall and Jordan Poole extended minutes. Even with Green and Russell, they are not a playoff team. The plan right now is to play curry when he is healthy even if it isn’t clear when that will be.

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